Abune Petros monument

Abune Petros monument
The first statue was erected in 1941 and inaugurated by Emperor Haile Selassie in memory of Abune Petros, archbishop of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church who supported the national patriots against the fascist Italian invaders. The fascist leaders tried to persuade him to preach to the people of Ethiopia to accept their leadership. Instead, he courageously faced the firing squad in defiance and inspired both the patriots and the whole population not to surrender to the Italians by excommunicating not only the faithful but also the land itself.

He was shot because of his resistance; thus the monument describing the action is seen within the street and square under his name just below the city Hall to the west. The original statue with full bishopric robe, a cross and a bible in his hands, was replaced by the present one, which indicates the action of his murder with guns in chained hands. The first statue is today found in the premises of St. George Cathedral in front of the bell tower where there is a small museum.

– The Greek sculptor G. Georakas made it.


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