Freedom (victory) monument

Freedom (victory) monument

Freedom (victory) monument
– This monument is located on the intersection of Adwa, Queen Elizabeth and Development Through Cooperation Avenues at Arat Kilo, and commemorates the victory of the Ethiopians over the Italians in 1941, as well as those gallant Ethiopians who perished resisting the invading fascist forces during the 1928-1933 war. The official name of the square where the monument located is Miazia 27, i.e. the day of the libration of the country and the arrival of the Emperor together with his patriotic troops in Addis Ababa.

– Emperor Haile Selassie inaugurated the Freedom Monument in 1944. The 15 meters monument symbolizing the obelisks of Axum supported by pillars and has six entrances. The history of the five year struggle is narrated by writings carved on stone tablets around the monument. On the western entrance is the discourse of Emperor Haile Selassie at the time of his arrival and the day of libration in 1941. On the remaining three entrances to the monument are written on the stones the following:

– Northwest: this commemorates the patriots of the five-year struggle and shows a woman in bas-relief holding a sword. On the stone is written the contribution of those who fought the enemy secretly at home submitting information to the patriots.

– Northeast: this side invokes the memory of the patriots who perished in the five years war and is again depicted by a women with a sword in her hands, while on the stone is narrated the role they played.

– Southeast; depicts Emperor Haile Selassie holding the Ethiopian flag in his hands and the relief of the lion of Judah under him, while the stone writing at that part narrate the great political and diplomatic role played by the Emperor to liberate the country during his exile.

– Southwest: this part is left for the memory of those Ethiopians who emigrated from their country and fought wherever they were against the fascist Italians’ occupation. Here also is depicted a woman holding a spear in her left hand and shield in the other, and on her head a wreath of anguish, while on the stone under her is described the life of those emigrant Ethiopians who suffered in alien countries.

– The top of the monument reveals the lion of Judah holding the Ethiopian flag in its foreleg and facing north. On the western side is a clock with its short indicating one o’clock: the time of arrival of the patriots in Addis Ababa.

– On the lower part of the monument an inscription which reads: “Erected in memory of the brave patriots who shed their blood and sacrificed their lives during 5 years of eney occupation for the libration of their country”.


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