Lion of Judah monument

Lion of Judah monument
– The lion of Judah was erected in the square of the Addis Ababa railway station, portraying the devotion of Emperor Menelik to link Ethiopia with the outside world by means of the railway line (with the help of his Swiss advisor, then foreign Minister, Engineer Alfred Lig). The bronze statue can be seen immediately in front of the railway station, which was built by the French and inaugurated in December 1930 G.C. (Hidar 24, 1922) by the order of Franco Ethiopian Train Company. But in October 1936 G.C. the Italian took the monument from Ethiopia to Djibouti Italian councilor office. And from Djibouti, they took it to Italy by the ship name called Polistian. But again, in December 1972 G.C. (Hidar 24, 1964) the monument came back to its home. – It has the picture of Menelik 2nd, Ras Mekonen, Princess Zewditu, and Emperor Haile Selassie 1st. the lion of Judah itself faces to the south with opened mouth, raised left foreign


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