Menlik II monument

Menlik II monument
– This monument is erected on the square of Emperor Menelik near St. George church and is a standing testimony of the famous Battle of Adwa in 1986, witnessing Africa’s victory over European colonialism. A German architect, Hartel Spengler, cast it in bronze on the orders of Queen Zewditu, the daughter of Emperor Menelik II, in memory of her father. The statue symbolizes the anti-colonial struggle of Emperor Menelik who waged the Battle of Adwa, the climatic battle of the First Italio-Ethiopian war. – The statue portrays Emperor Menelik in his coronation robes riding glamorously on Abba Dagnew, his horse which is depicted with both foreign raised, looking to the north where the victorious battle of Adwa took place. Sadly, before the statue erected, Queen Zewditu was died in 1930. Thus, the then crown prince (later Emperor Haile Selassie) attended the inauguration ceremony on the eve of his coronation day in the same year. In the 1936 fascist invasion, Benito Mussolni gave his personal order that this statue should be pulled down and hidden somewhere so that the humiliating defeat of the Italians at Menelik’s hand in the Battle of Adwa could be forgotten. However, in 1941 when the invaders were ousted by the patriots and allied forces, the statue was restored to its original place.


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