Shero Meda Market

Shero Meda Market
Located on the road to Entoto, the market is a vast area with a large variety of attractive and colorful items to tempt the visiting shopper. Shero Meda is the place to go for the colorful Gabi and Netela blankets and beautiful Ethiopian dress known as the “Abesha Lebse”. The colorful stores are displays with all kinds of Ethiopian dresses and clothes. These dresses are traditionally made up of three parts ‘kemis’- woven dress, ‘meknat’- shahs worn around the waist, and ‘netela’ large cloak worn over the other two pieces. The cotton is woven with many decorative colors and strips and is distinguished by the intricate embroidery. Dresses are available for all ages.

A different and unexpected side of the Shiro Meda is the Artifacts and clay works area. Black and brown clay pots, jugs, ashtrays, trays and plates are decorated with traditional paintings or beaded with attractive beads from allover the country. From the pots that are used to cook the traditional Shero to the Jebena that are used to brew the traditional Ethiopian coffee. It is a display of tradition that will appeal to the visitor.


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