Debre Zeit(Mount of Olive’s day)

Debre Zeit(Mount of Olive’s day)
Debre Zeit is observed halfway through lent in commemoration of the miracles performed by Christ at mount Olives. This day is celebrated with special consideration at an old Church of “Sama Senbe”, in Eastern Shawa. While the exact date of the Second Advent or the last judgment is a mystery

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Photo took from Debrelibanos Monastery by Addis Tour

, there are two presiding opinions; one is that Christ will appear on Dabre Zeit in the year of St. John. The second opinion is that he will appear during Pagumen.
The main holiday of Easter commemorates the resurrection of Christ and the break of Lent. There are a number of events to be observed for about two weeks: One before Easter and another one after Easter, The week before Easter is known as Himamat or the holy week to remind the thirteen types of Sufferings of Christ before the crucifixion. According to the Church category, the sufferings represent the following:
1. His hands fastened behind;
2. Beaten by legs;
3. Carried the cross upon which he was crucified;
4. Fallen several times while travelling carrying the cross,
5. Slapped on his face;
6. Tied rope and pulled and pushed;
7. Beaten by sticks on his head;
8. Put thorn on his head;
9. Speared on his ribs;
10. Crucified;
11. Nailed
12. Was forced to take myrrh and bile;
13. His clothe was took off and divided among the Jews.
Easter reminds those of the cleansing of sinners and their liberation and transformation from the heel to heaven though the resurrection of Christ. In other words by the resurrection of Christ, it is believed that the souls of all the believers who died before are said to have been kept in hell are transformed to heaven (Segaw, 1961 E.C, V.III:143; Tinsae, No.3:17).

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